Spot Bagel Bakery

Breaducate Yourself


SPOT Bagel required a brand image that clearly communicated their positioning as an artisan, organic bagel bakery. Reinforcing the firm’s key characteristics as a local handcrafted product with a playful personality, the branding system included individual identities for each flavor.

Spot Bagel propelled their business forward with prime placement in branded self-service kiosks.


In supermarkets the product was displayed in branded self-service kiosks. This facilitated prime shelf positioning and provided consumers the option to pick and choose flavors and quantities. Branded paper sacks brought the SPOT experience home and provided care and feeding instructions for a limited shelf life product.

At food service, cafés and coffee shops, the brand was displayed in prominent counter displays that clearly exhibited the product and branding at eye level. Mobiles and floor signs were also used to introduce the brand at new distribution points.

Jay Glass was the Founder/CEO of SPOT Bagel, prior to formation of Birch