Lactation Support

Eat Cookies, Make More Milk

In 2010, Emily Kane, founder of Milkmakers, identified an underserved customer demographic: “New Moms. While manufacturers were providing an ocean of products aimed at newborns, their breastfeeding moms were consistently being overlooked. A new generation of Millennial mothers were expecting that they could return to work and also breastfeed. Many experienced issues with their milk supply that were often due to the stresses of their busy lives and not getting enough calories. Milkmakers launched Lactation Cookies to the market, pioneering the category for Lactation Food Products.

Milkmakers had been featured on The Doctors TV Show. The subsequent spike in sales made clear there was significant demand for the product. The Company’s vision was to provide lactation support foods and teas that would be found on the same shelf where new moms shopped. Kane realized that the Company needed a cohesive growth plan that would leverage the market opportunity and keep them well ahead of future competition.

Milkmakers propelled their business vision forward using the Birch Growth Framework

PLAN – Batter Up

Mandy Landa, Senior Birch Consultant, first engaged with Milkmakers when they had less than a year of online sales. Landa drove a comprehensive review of the company’s business including management interviews, competitive analysis, an evaluation of sales channels, an inventory of digital assets, and a survey of promotional opportunities. The review process culminated with a detailed assessment and recommended execution plan.

When Milkmakers began to experience hockey stick growth, it was comforting to know that we were ready with the processes and tools that would get us through the busiest of times.

—Emily Kane, President / CEO

BUILD – Tools of the Trade

Milkmakers understood that in order to scale, they would need to to invest in foundational programs, processes and tools. Mandy Landa managed this entire process on projects that included the development of a concise messaging framework, the design and execution of business processes that would be used to market, sell, and process orders, and analytical systems to track results.

SCALE – Steeped in Growth

With the foundations in place, Milkmakers focused on rapid growth. On the production side, Landa drove the sourcing, testing and ongoing partnership with contract bakeries.  To drive demand, she initiated the development of brand champions through a social media and targeted email strategy. To grow online sales, Landa managed the development of a new eCommerce website and began selling on To promote in-store sales, Landa worked closely with the managing brokers, tracking their progress and reporting on it as retail distribution expanded into baby boutiques, supermarkets, and baby-centric big-box stores.

RESULTS – Icing on the Cake

Milkmakers experienced enhanced brand perception with Moms and wholesale partners resulting in greater shelf real-estate and corresponding sales increases across all channels.

On any given day, Milkmakers faced a wall of growth-related challenges. Mandy Landa helped us turn our problems into achievable tasks that we could quickly act on.

—Emily Kane, President / CEO