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A spicy mix of fiery goodness

small batch popcorn made with slices of jalapenos and a dash of salt

Fire Corn came to us in 2013. They were manufacturing a spicy mix of fiery popcorn and real jalapeno slices that were slow-fired to a satisfying crisp. The recipe belonged to a long-standing air force tradition.

Fire Corn wanted to create an authentic brand that appealed to everyone, but with a strong nod to air force fighter pilots and their traditions. The brand needed to capture and represent the spicy savory Fire Corn recipe. The packaging needed to stand out on shelf where it would also serve as a marketing tool.

Fire Corn’s goal was to propel their business vision forward while staying true to the fighter pilot tradition.

Birch Senior Consultant, Kelly Pensell, worked with Fire Corn to bring their vision to life, providing brand and packaging design, a web presence, POS, tradeshow design, press kit, promotions and more.